Teen Track: start your own Virtual Assistant Business

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I’ve always had creative kids. They love acting, music, art, writing, and drama. 
They don’t fit into traditional boxes very well. 

When I first started homeschooling, my kids needed to do a little school, then go climb a tree. After 20 minutes of a workbook, my son would excitedly ask, “Can I go play Legos now?” My daughter was always cartwheeling, doing the splits, climbing, or hanging upside down. So she learned to read in the family room in all kinds of positions! (Now she is an aerialist!)

We’ve always learned in a non-conventional way.  

And that’s how the VA Teen Track is designed, too! 

Here’s how we have structured the program:

– You can work at your own pace
– You can sleep in and work late at night
– We have a “flipped” classroom where the instruction is video and class time is for questions, debate, and discussion.
– Students learn with others their own age and some are younger or older! There’s no syllabus, but there is a road map so you get very specific instructions.
– You can learn in whichever order you that want to!

– There are no “grades,” but we will check your work, give you suggestions, and help you along the way! 

When you own your own business, YOU are the boss.
You have to be opinionated.

You have to be strong.
You have to be creative.
And you have to manage your own time! 

Maybe you’ve taken classes before and they were too stringent. You may have fallen behind. Maybe you lost interest in what was being taught. The VA Academy Teen Track is NOT like that.  YOU are in control of your learning. 

If you want to skip a module, you can. The lessons are designed to help you build your business. If you do not ever want to mess with spreadsheets, you don’t have to! If you would rather do video editing and build websites, you absolutely can and should! During our live Zoom sessions, you’ll get practical feedback (on your website, your emails, your pricing, packages you want to sell) and you’ll get to hang out with other teens and young adults who think outside of the box, too! 

So how do you know that this is the best fit? 

This is for you if:
You really don’t want to work at a fast food place or restaurant
You don’t want to get up early and drag yourself to a boring class
You are determined to grow your own business
You love learning new thingsYou are creative
You love a challenge 

You can own your own business! As a teenager! It’s totally possible. And we will help you launch it, grow it, and make sure you’re not a slave to it. You will learn how to set up policies and boundaries so you can still have a LIFE! 

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