Alina Cutchi

Hi, I am Alina and I love helping people succeed. Born in Beltsy, Moldova and since the year of 2007 loving my earthly home in Minnesota. What place can be cooler than Minnesota, right? 

Married to a wonderful man and hoping to be blessed by God with little rays of sunshine. Love God with all of my heart and with all of my soul.  Serving children as a Sunday School teacher at our church, singing in a choir, helping out with live streaming of our church services, and family-focused ministry. 

Love to spend time with my family. I have traveled to many places in the US and internationally. I am an outdoor lover, so the best place where I have been so far is Montana; I loved to sleep in a tent up in the mountains. My favorite drink is plain water. 

When it comes to working, I am trying to do every task as if for God.  I am responsible, trustworthy, and organized.  I have an Associate Degree in business and love doing Word documents, PowerPoint, and many other tasks associated with designing and creating.