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Girls Virtual Bible Study ages 12-17

I’m glad you’re interested in Bible Study!
We meet on Saturday mornings at 9:45 A.M. Central Time on Zoom.
Every week everyone reads the same chapter of the book of the Bible and you’ll take notes on your favorite verses and the whole chapter! (We are currently in the book of Luke!)
We will also watch a video about the book and/or the chapter. And we also do ice breaker games every week so it becomes a great way to meet new people!

We have a majority of homeschoolers, but it is not at all a requirement. Since we are virtual, we have girls from multiple different states, and even a girl from another country!
We are Christians and non-denominational in our approach of studying the Bible. We focus on the main stuff and leave the minor stuff for conversations at home and church. 

We communicate using Google Hangouts. To join it is required to have an email address that you can use to join the group chat so you get all the information and Zoom links.

In the Google Chat, you’ll get reminders of our Bible Study meetings coming up, and you’ll have accountability for reading the chapter of the week.

You’ll need a free Zoom account, too!


Hi! I’m Lydia Hickle. I’m started this Bible Study!
I’m 15 and live in Minnesota. I started this in May of 2020 and have been going ever since. We have made it through 17 books of the Bible (some even have been repeated) and are still going!

I can’t wait to meet you!

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