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Bio 1- VA Academy focus
Jen Hickle is a homeschooling mom of 4 and now a Nana! She has been working from home since 2000 and took her side business to 6-figures while raising her kids. Her book, “Happy Kids, Growing Biz,” can be found on Amazon. She is a certified Clifton Strengths Coach and helps homeschooling moms build their Virtual Assistant business to support other mom business owners. She loves to geek out about personality types and strengths! She has 4 cats, a husband, and has graduated 3 kids. One left! 
Bio 2- Homeschooling focus
 Jen Hickle started homeschooling her 4 kids when we saw that her oldest had substantial learning differences. She knew he wouldn’t thrive in traditional school, so she took the “road less traveled” and hasn’t looked back. Jen has graduated 3 kids and has just one more to go! She loves encouraging homeschooling parents to teach to their kids’ strengths and learning styles. She has 4 cats and lives in Elk River with her husband, who she loves to have try different foods to see his reaction. You can find their videos on Instagram: @jenhickle.


Bio 3- Business building focus

Jen Hickle built her business from her living room to a 7-figure business, which she sold in 2020. She also helped start a homeschool co-op, a theatre business, and her husband’s marketing agency. After selling her music school of 600 students and 20 teachers, she is now running The VA Academy, where she teaches women to build a Virtual Assistant business from home, even while homeschooling. She loves using the tools of Clifton Strengths, Kolbe, and Myers Briggs to help people spotlight their strengths (instead of trying to improve their weaknesses). She loves to make people laugh, read books, play piano, and travel. Jen lives in Elk River, MN with her daughters who are still at home, her cats, and her husband. Find her on Instagram: @jenhickle.com

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