The Business of Teaching

In the Never Alone Inner Circle, you will:

  • Turn up the volume of your strengths to make running your business easier
  • Determine your pricing and raise tuition if needed
  • Learn how to on-board new students with confidence
  • Learn how to set up your business legally
  • Set up billing systems with ease
  • Get your students on recurring income
  • Define if you should be a contractor or an employee
  • Improve or build a website
  • Learn how to create emails that convert into clients
  • Learn how to do a sales call to secure new clients
  • Learn how to use your Facebook page
  • Learn how to follow up without feeling sleazy or salsey
  • Learn how to serve your clients using YOUR strengths
  • Grow your business to pull in $4,000 per month consistently and then set up systems to bring home six figures AND have more time for your family.

How does this Work?

1. Download The Business of Teaching mini training. Assess your business and see how you’re doing!

2. Join the Facebook group! Meet other teachers and tutors who are self-employed and living a life of freedom.

3. Then schedule a free consultation to see if this program will work for you!

Who is this for?

  • With Never Alone Coaching, you get personalized assignments based on the size of your business. Whether you are a solo teacher or a studio owner, you will get a customized path for YOUR goals.
  • You’ll get one-on-one coaching calls, community support, and access to modules that will help you get more students, fill up your schedule, and relieve your stress!
  • During the program, you’ll be matched with a Virtual Assistant that can help you with enrollment, details, and marketing! It’s your choice when to hire or if you want to add a team member, but our VAs come pre-trained to make your job of hiring easier!
  • If you don’t have a teaching business yet, and want to start one, you’ll learn how to get set up legally and how to set realistic goals so you can start earning $4000 per month with lessons, classes, and courses– either in person or online.
  • If you have a goal to quit your job and earn income solely from your business, we can map out that plan.
  • If you own a studio but it’s not profitable and sucking all of your time, you’ll learn how to use systems to get a life of freedom!
  • If you own a studio but want to start a second business, we’ll map out how to make that happen!
Jen Hickle Goal Success Coach

How do you know if this program is for you?

  • You love teaching and you love your students!
  • You love to learn new things
  • You’re drowning in details and software and don’t always love technology.
  • You want to grow and expand your business
  • You want a life of freedom and to work for yourself (and be able to go on vacation!)
  • You want more time with your kids (whether small or grown)
  • You want to get more organized and efficient so you aren’t always putting out fires
  • You are teachable and want to make your life and business better!

“Never Alone is such a great company! They have been essential to the growth of my studio as well as my confidence as a small business owner. The monthly calls give me the opportunity to get some tough questions answered in a way that is loving and appreciative of the work that I put in as a small business owner. With Never Alone beside me, I was able to get systems in place to get my company running smoothly so I can devote time to my family. I’m able to run a successful business AND be a good mom, wife, and volunteer at my church! We use Never Alone services for Coaching, Website Building and Facebook Marketing. Never Alone is essential for a small business owner. Invest in yourself and you will grow and have the freedom to do the things that you love!”


“When you are starting or trying to improve your business it’s important to recognize that information is the most important commodity. There are tried and tested techniques, including timing, language and positioning that will make things go a lot smoother.

The Inner Circle coaches has really helped our business avoid several pitfalls. When the pandemic hit in 2020, we had a game plan to stay in business and survive. This was all thanks to coaching.

When those moments of urgency are upon us, I can easily reach out to the team and find a quick and affective resolution for the problem. Why try to do it on you own when there is great talent and experience to draw from right here?

Use Never Alone Business Services to get the information needed to make the critical decisions that will make your business and life better. It’s easily the best investment that could be made for business owners, managers and entrepreneurs. Knowledge is power!”


“ANY money I have paid to them in the past few years has ALWAYS had a hundred, two hundred, three hundred fold return!

Here are some of the concrete things that Chris and Jen have poured into me:

Helping me organize my systems (Calendars, Checklists, Operations Manuals, Communication among my team and my clients, Online Tools)

Understanding how to make sales without being cold or salesy (I can now close 90% of my sales within first contact)

Building an incredible website for me that still gets me leads, even when I am not paying for marketing

Teaching me Google, Facebook, and Email strategies that work and following up when they don’t

Helping me set up my online platforms within a few days of the world shutting down

Walking me through hiring all the of the admin staff I’ve had (one of them being a VA they trained themselves)

Helping me shop building options, understand Letters of Intent, and navigate Leases

They have (and still are) helping me understand how to work on my business and not in it.  That’s not just a quippy saying, it’s a real thing, with a lot of grueling steps that is 100% WORTH IT!  Thank you Chris and Jen for hanging out in the foxhole with us.”


“I don’t know if anyone has told Jen this lately, but she is so gifted in what she does! Not a meeting goes by where I don’t turn to Zoe and say, “Dang! She’s so good at this!!! How does she even think of this stuff?!”I want to be her biggest fangirl ever! Thank you so much to Jen – and Chris there in the background – and all the Never Alone team – for being the answer to our prayers – LITERALLY AND PRACTICALLY! You make me think of that verse: …no eye has seen… no ear has heard …no mind has conceived … what God has in store for you… Seriously, I had NO IDEA that this is what God had in store for us, but let’s just say He’s pulling us up out of the pit of despair, out of the miry clay!”

Patsy Brekke

Writing Foundations
Tony Ceraso

“Working with Never Alone Services means I always have something productive to do for my business. I always have written, video, and in-person support that I need to follow through with everything. Before I joined the Inner Circle, I struggled with knowing what to do for my business and I didn’t have the support to work through areas in which I was stuck on. Now that I’m in the program, it makes me feel good to know I have valid, useful things I can do for my business. It’s definitely worth the commitment of time and money! They have different tracks to join, so find the right program for you.”


“I would highly recommend Never Alone Business Services to any business owner out there! Jen and Chris Hickle are a dynamic duo and this program is a very rare opportunity to get not one, but two people with their years of experience and practical knowledge about business, marketing, social media, hiring, and more. In the first 2 calls I had with Jen, I got actionable, practical information that helped me make decisions to establish systems that have allowed our business to more than double in size in a few months. Chris then followed up with specific tutorials on how they have actually used the same systems in their business. I have not found anyone who can go into as much depth on these subjects as these two. Use their programs, and you’ll see for yourself!”