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Alison Penner

Alison Penner 2

I love business! Always have. I grew up “talking shop” and all things business with my self-employed parents and now with my entrepreneur husband. I enjoy the strategizing and planning, systematizing and organizing parts of the business. And making it all look really good lights me up! So while I can enter data into spreadsheets, create pivot tables, todo lists and answer emails like a champ, what I really enjoy is making your website, social media and newsletters look amazing. Combining tech, marketing and design, I enjoy making your business systems work together to run smoothly, efficiently and look great doing it. Let me help you find the freedom to build the life you have always wanted. I am an ISFJ-T, my strengths are Learner and Achiever. I am high in fact-finding and follow through, straight down the middle in quickstart and lowest in implementor. My Kolbe also shows my strength in explaining and systemizing.

Alina Cutchi

Alina Cutchi

Hi, I am Alina and I love helping people succeed. Born in Beltsy, Moldova and since the year of 2007 loving my earthly home in Minnesota. What place can be cooler than Minnesota, right? 

Married to a wonderful man and hoping to be blessed by God with little rays of sunshine. Love God with all of my heart and with all of my soul.  Serving children as a Sunday School teacher at our church, singing in a choir, helping out with live streaming of our church services, and family-focused ministry. 

Love to spend time with my family. I have traveled to many places in the US and internationally. I am an outdoor lover, so the best place where I have been so far is Montana; I loved to sleep in a tent up in the mountains. My favorite drink is plain water. 

When it comes to working, I am trying to do every task as if for God.  I am responsible, trustworthy, and organized.  I have an Associate Degree in business and love doing Word documents, PowerPoint, and many other tasks associated with designing and creating.