Strategic Coaching

Are you a visionary? A dreamer? The one who takes action and makes things happen?
Do you know you are capable of growing your business beyond what you have now? Do you see the possibilities and know that making more profit is possible?

Private Coaching will move you ahead faster than any course or conference.

When you get one-on-one time with a coach, the feedback is 100% personalized.

And when you’re scaling and growing, you are transitioning from doing all the work to managing all the work.
This means you need stronger:

  • Systems
  • Marketing
  • and the right staff

But how do you make this happen? What’s the first step? Why does it feel so daunting? And how do you move past feeling so STUCK?

Jen Hickle 2020 6

I’m Jen Hickle and I am an expert in scaling businesses.

I’m a certified Business Coach and a certified Strengths Coach.

I help business owners double their income. 

For 25 years, I owned a business with 30 staff members. I grew my music school from a side business to a million dollar company. (And then sold it!)

I also scaled my husband’s bookkeeping business into a full scale marketing agency that supports our family and has allowed us to hire our grown children as well.

I’ve also been coaching business owners on how to grow and scale for the last 10 years. 

I am a Christ-follower and my faith has been foundational in my business success and growth. 

I don’t just teach what I know.
I teach what I’ve done and what I’ve mastered.

The Mission:

How Does This Work?

  • First we’ll start with a Strength Assessment so you know exactly how you are wired.
  • Then you will complete a Starting Point form so I can understand where you’ve been and what your goals are.
  • Next, I’ll do a 360 degree assessment of your current marketing. What’s working? What’s not?
  • On our first few calls, we will map out the next steps on where you should focus next.
  • You’ll get monthly support as you implement the plan and grow your business.
  • Coaching is month-to-month and you can cancel at any time.
  • Sign up for your calls when it’s most convenient for you.

What's Included?

  • Monthly 30-minute coaching calls with Jen
  • Marketing Masterclasses (twice a month) to give you feedback on your marketing
  • Access to trainings about hiring, delegating, and setting up systems
  • Goal Success trainings to help fight procrastination or overwhelm and move your dreams forward!
  • Access to discounted services with our company Never Alone Business Services for SEO, Google Ads, Websites, and more. 
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What's Next?

  • Request a call to ensure we are a good fit for each other.
  • Sign up for Monthly Private Coaching for $300 per month
  • Get the strategy and support to move your business to the next level!

What clients are saying:

I had my business almost 3 years and I reached to the point that I felt overwhelmed. I didn’t know my specific niche and basically I was providing all services that the clients would ask for. I found myself tired, and stressed. I wasn’t enjoying my work like I did 3 years ago. After only 2 coaching sessions with Jen, she helped to narrow down my niche. She recognized my strengths immediately and how I should takemy next steps.
Jen’s energy is beyond explainable, speaking with her made me feel that I can reach all my goals.
Besides the coaching sessions with Jen, I received access to different pre-recorded trainings which were very interesting to watch.
I learned and discovered some new information that I can use in my business. I
n short, Never Alone Coaching has everything a business owner would need – friendly faces, support, quick understanding of what a business owner needs, access to lots of information, and much more.

Anna Glow



Monica Molina
After working with Jen and Never Alone Coaching, I feel more confident in the decisions that I need to make as a business owner. I also feel that I’m part of a community that supports me and encourages me, making a difference in my perspective.
Before this program, I struggled with having someone that I can trust to share my dreams and questions. I also didn’t have someone who truly understood my vision to keep me accountable.
Now I feel more encouraged and have a clear vision. More confident.
What’s helped me is being active in the meetings, participating in the activities, doing the trainings, establishing goals, and making a plan for how to reach them.
This program makes totally a difference in how you see things and your mindset. Some things that I didn’t see myself doing, I’m doing great right now! It’s always good to have someone that sees and believes in you. The personality test we took also help a lot to know more about myself and how I can impact others through my services!” 

Monica Molina



Absolutely the best career coaching I’ve had so far! Jen Hickle is extremely modest, but her course itself (coupled with her nearly weekly live group meetings) has set the bar for me! Not to mention her spirit is just something you don’t see in this business.
I’ve not only grown my skills, but I’ve grown as a person because of her.
I CANNOT recommend investing in this program enough. I promise you won’t regret it!

Marta Notarianni



Amanda Jensen 2
Working with Jen means having an encourager on your side whose creativity is harnessed for YOU!
I tried to hustle on my own, but got nowhere. After only a couple weeks with Jen, I had results! Paying results!
Any time I feel like I’m stuck, being in one of her group calls is like this magic elixir. She doesn’t even have to give me specific advice, but I start having momentum again!
I don’t offer general administrative support anymore. And I’ve hired my own VA to support me!

Amanda Jensen



This is for you if your goals are:

This is for you if you are:

If this is you, let’s talk.

“You will find that there are no limits to what you can accomplish except for the limits you place on your own imagination. And since there are no limits to what you can imagine, there are no limits to what you can achieve.” -Brian Tracy

Ready to Scale and Grow?
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Private Strategic Coaching

For business owners who want to strategicaly scale their business and double their income.
"As a business owner, it is so helpful to make sure that you have your staff working to their strengths – it just makes for happy employees with a better work atmosphere and it translates to your customer satisfaction levels as well. I hired Jen to evaluate my staff and she did not disappoint!  She was able to read and access the hidden strengths in my staff members through testing and evaluations, and then compliment their strengths while playing down their weaknesses.  It was so helpful to then sort out what tasks my staff was best at, and make ALL of us happy and being the best we can be.  Highly recommend Jen and her coaching!"
cecilia pic orig
Cecilia Rowe
Music School Owner
"When it comes to owning a business, there is definitely a very big aspect of pulling up your bootstraps and doing things that seem impossible, but then there are the other aspects of pulling up your bootstraps that a program won’t tell you, like how to follow the program when you are homeschooling your kids, when your marriage is going through a huge transition, when there is a death in the family, when health issues arise, when your personality has been to its limit and back...when chaos hits the world.  Instead of telling me to get over it and back to business, Chris and Jen walked alongside me personally and gave me courage.  They brainstormed with me when the program didn’t fit.  They prayed and prophesied over me even when I was convinced I didn’t have it in me to keep moving forward.  They didn’t back down from the long hard conversations that someone needed to have with me.  All in all, they treated my husband and I like close friends, not just clients. This friendship is one of the huge reasons my business is thriving amidst all that has come against it.  I know without a doubt that God led me to Chris and Jen. ANY money I have paid to them in the past few years has ALWAYS had a hundred, two hundred, three hundredfold return!

Here are some of the concrete things that Chris and Jen have poured into me:

  • Helping me organize my systems. (Calendars, Checklists, Operations Manuals, Communication among my team and my clients, Online Tools)
  • Understanding how to make sales without being cold or salesy (I can now close 90% of my sales within the first contact)
  • Building an incredible website for me that still gets me leads even when I am not paying for marketing.
  • Teaching me Google, Facebook, and Email strategies that work and following up when they don’t.
  • Helping me set up my online platforms within a few days of the world shutting down
  • Walking me through hiring all the of the admin staff I’ve had (one of them being a VA they trained themselves)
  • Helping me shop building options, understand Letters of Intent, and navigate Leases

They have (and still are) helping me understand how to work on my business and not in it. That’s not just a quippy saying, it’s a real thing, with a lot of grueling steps that is 100% WORTH IT! Thank you Chris and Jen for hanging out in the foxhole with us."
Daisy Gifford
Daisy Gifford
Music School Owner
"I would highly recommend Never Alone Coaching to any business owner out there! Jen and Chris Hickle are a dynamic duo and this program is a very rare opportunity to get not one, but two people with their years of experience and practical knowledge about business, marketing, social media, hiring, and more. In the first 2 calls I had with Jen, I got actionable, practical information that helped me make decisions to establish systems that have allowed our business to more than double in size in a few months. Chris then followed up with specific tutorials on how they have actually used the same systems in their business. I have not found anyone who can go into as much depth on these subjects as these two. Use their programs, and you’ll see for yourself!"
Phoenix Rose
"Jen Hickle and her personal assistant are wonderful resources. Within the first month of Jen's coaching, I had learned and grown so very much in my thought processes.

Jen presented ideas and questions in a way that caused me to consider my business goals. I appreciate her dedication to my own situation and never felt rushed or set aside. I have spoken with several graduates of Jen's Virtual Academy program and found two in particular who specialize in my needs. Jen trains her VAs well and offers a team of assistants with varying talents and abilities. I highly recommend Jen and Never Alone Coaching."
"The Never Alone Business Services VA Academy has been such a blessing! They understand the challenges of being a homeschooling mom, wife and business owner while giving me practical skills and tools to grow my business.

I have been in the program for a year now, and they have been with me from day one. From getting my LLC set up to booking clients, I have expanded my skill set and they have been able to match me up with some great clients! Being in a group with like-minded women has also provided great support and friendships from the other VAs. I highly recommend the program!"
alison penner 2 orig
Alison Penner
Virtual Assistant