Scale Your Agency.
Double Your Income.

(without working more hours)

You started your VA business.
You filled up your hours.
Now you’re dreaming of something bigger.

You see the possibilities and know that making more profit is possible.

It’s time to change your title from “Virtual Assistant” to “Agency Owner.”

This is when the rubber hits the road.

The stakes are higher. The rewards are greater. The risk is palpable. 

While transitions from doing all the work to managing all the work, you’ll need stronger:

  • Systems
  • Marketing
  • and the right staff 

But how? And in which order? 

Do you hit the gas on marketing and face possible overwhelm? 

Or hire and risk lack of work for your new team members?

Jen Hickle 2020 6

I’m Jen Hickle and I am an expert in scaling businesses.

I’ve been hiring staff and scaling for over 20 years.

I grew a music school from a side business to a million dollar company (and then sold it) as well as grew my husband’s bookkeeping business and transformed it into a full scale marketing agency.

I’ve also been coaching business owners on how to grow and scale for the last 10 years.

I don’t just teach what I know.
I teach what I’ve done and what I’ve mastered.

The Mission:

How does this Work?

  • First we’ll assess where you are and map out your goals
  • You’ll get a 360 degree assessment of your current marketing
  • We will map out clear steps on what you should do next
  • You’ll get continued support as you implement the plan!
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What's the next step?

  • Request a free consultation
  • Get a personalized plan for your business
  • Double your income and scale your business to $10,000 per month

What clients are saying:

I had my business almost 3 years and I reached to the point that I felt overwhelmed. I didn’t know my specific niche and basically I was providing all services that the clients would ask for. I found myself tired, and stressed. I wasn’t enjoying my work like I did 3 years ago. After only 2 coaching sessions with Jen, she helped to narrow down my niche. She recognized my strengths immediately and how I should takemy next steps.
Jen’s energy is beyond explainable, speaking with her made me feel that I can reach all my goals.
Besides the coaching sessions with Jen, I received access to different pre-recorded trainings which were very interesting to watch.
I learned and discovered some new information that I can use in my business. I
n short, Never Alone Coaching has everything a business owner would need – friendly faces, support, quick understanding of what a business owner needs, access to lots of information, and much more.

Anna Glow



Monica Molina
After working with Jen and Never Alone Coaching, I feel more confident in the decisions that I need to make as a business owner. I also feel that I’m part of a community that supports me and encourages me, making a difference in my perspective.
Before this program, I struggled with having someone that I can trust to share my dreams and questions. I also didn’t have someone who truly understood my vision to keep me accountable.
Now I feel more encouraged and have a clear vision. More confident.
What’s helped me is being active in the meetings, participating in the activities, doing the trainings, establishing goals, and making a plan for how to reach them.
This program makes totally a difference in how you see things and your mindset. Some things that I didn’t see myself doing, I’m doing great right now! It’s always good to have someone that sees and believes in you. The personality test we took also help a lot to know more about myself and how I can impact others through my services!” 

Monica Molina



Absolutely the best career coaching I’ve had so far! Jen Hickle is extremely modest, but her course itself (coupled with her nearly weekly live group meetings) has set the bar for me! Not to mention her spirit is just something you don’t see in this business.
I’ve not only grown my skills, but I’ve grown as a person because of her.
I CANNOT recommend investing in this program enough. I promise you won’t regret it!

Marta Notarianni



Amanda Jensen 2
Working with Jen means having an encourager on your side whose creativity is harnessed for YOU!
I tried to hustle on my own, but got nowhere. After only a couple weeks with Jen, I had results! Paying results!
Any time I feel like I’m stuck, being in one of her group calls is like this magic elixir. She doesn’t even have to give me specific advice, but I start having momentum again!
I don’t offer general administrative support anymore. And I’ve hired my own VA to support me!

Amanda Jensen



This is for you if your goals are:

This is for you if you are:

It takes the right person to get clients and run a successful business.

And it takes someone extra special to scale and manage an agency.

There are more moving pieces.
There’s a lot to manage.
You have to be creative, flexible, and a visionary.

You have to love project management and be calm and patient with the process.

You must love to sell.

You must love the thrill of the chase!

If this is you, let’s talk.

“You will find that there are no limits to what you can accomplish except for the limits you place on your own imagination. And since there are no limits to what you can imagine, there are no limits to what you can achieve.”

-Brian Tracy

In addition to everything in the VA Academy, you’ll receive monthly private coaching sessions with Jen. Keep your momentum going strong and get private sessions around your busy schedule.

This program is month-to-month. No long term commitments.

We recommend you begin with the VA Academy if you do not have any clients yet. If you already have a few clients and want to move more quickly, this is for you.

If you haven’t already completed the Strength Assessment, you will be asked to do so (approximately $70). You will need to purchase any tools and software that you choose to use for your agency (example: Asana). But those costs are 100% up to you.

You need to be a driven and determined individual. Growing an agency means managing many projects and team members. If you love working and love a challenge and want to grow your income to the next level, this is the next step!

You can choose a specialty for your agency (copywriting, web development, SEO, etc) or you can focus on a wider umbrella, such as marketing project management or as an OBM (online business manager). In our strategy sessions, we will discuss which path is right for you.

The price is higher because you get monthly private coaching sessions, in addition to the group sessions.

The Agency Program is $300 per month

For business owners who want to scale their business and double their income