Get Matched to a VA

Drowning in Work?
Want to hire a VA but worried about how to delegate and what to release?

Sound Familiar?

  • You’re working 16 hour days.
  • Your phone is always ringing or pinging.
  • You cannot step away for an unplugged break or vacation.
  • You’re the one that holds all the answers to all of the questions.
  • Everyone needs you. All the time.
You may have tried to delegate before, but:
  • They dropped the ball.
  • They weren’t trustworthy.
  • They quit.
  • It wasn’t worth the stress.

This time it will be different, because what you need is:

  • Documented processes.
  • The right hire, depending on experience, Kolbe, and Clifton Strengths.
  • Communication systems so you always know what’s getting done.
  • Task management systems so there’s accountability.

Here’s how you know you need a Virtual Assistant:

  • You constantly feel overwhelmed.
  • No matter what you do, you can’t keep up.
  • Your family is frustrated because you’re “always working.”
  • Your business is growing, which is great, but you need better systems and organization.
  • You’re good at doing “all the things,” but you’ve reached a point where you cannot add one more thing or something is going to explode (and it might be you).

What we will do together:

  • Identify your bottlenecks– where are processes getting stuck or held up?
  • Set up reproducible systems that will make your life easier
  • Improve your communication and scheduling so a VA can come alongside and be a valuable asset
  • Do a 360-degree review of your marketing. What’s working? What’s not? How can you hire help to support you?
  • Create an Org Chart. Who works for you? What is their role? What is your role? Who needs to change seats for better results?

How does this work?

  1. We will start with a Strength Assessment. We will identify what’s working and what’s not.
  2. We will assess your current communication and task systems and identify what needs to be improved.
  3. You’ll be matched with a Virtual Assistant who will ease your workload, free up the bottlenecks, and give you hours back in your day!

What you get in this Program:

  • 6 private coaching sessions
  • 6 months of support for the hiring and training period
  • Personalized VA match 
  • Ongoing support for your VA
  • Coaching approach based upon Clifton Strengths, Kolbe, The E-Myth, and Traction.
  • The process is built from 25 years of experience in business and from taking my side business to a 7-figure company before I successfully sold it.

Who is this for?

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What we will do together:

Jen Hickle 2020 7

What clients are saying:


“I would highly recommend Never Alone Coaching to any business owner out there! 

Jen and Chris Hickle are a dynamic duo and this program is a very rare opportunity to get not one, but two people with their years of experience and practical knowledge about business, marketing, social media, hiring, and more. 

In just the first 2 calls I had with Jen, I got actionable, practical information that helped me make decisions to establish systems that have allowed our business to more than double in size in a few months. 

Chris then followed up with specific tutorials on how they have actually used the same systems in their business. 

I have not found anyone who can go into as much depth on these subjects as these two. Use their programs, and you’ll see for yourself!”

Phoenix Rose, Owner of Phoenix Music School



Anna Glow

I have had my business almost 3 years and I reached a point that I felt so overwhelmed. 

I was providing all services that the clients would ask for. I found myself tired, and stressed. I wasn’t enjoying my work like I did 3 years ago. 

After only 2 coaching sessions with Jen, she helped to narrow down my niche very quickly. She immediately recognized what my strengths are and what my next steps should look like. 

Jen’s energy is beyond explainable; speaking with her made me feel that I can reach all my goals!

Besides the coaching sessions with Jen, I was very happy to find more services that I really needed: Jen helped me with a copyright to my website and Chris created my new website, which looks great! 

I received an access to different pre-recorded trainings which were very interesting to watch – I learned and discovered some new information that I would use in my business. 

In short, Never Alone Coaching has everything a business owner would need – friendly faces, support, quick understanding of what a business owner needs, access to lots of information, and much more!

Anna Glotsky, agency owner




As a business owner, it is so helpful to make sure that you have your staff working to their strengths – it just makes for happy employees with a better work atmosphere and it translates to your customer satisfaction levels as well. 

I engaged Jen to evaluate my staff and she did not disappoint! She was able to read and access the hidden strengths in my staff members through testing and evaluations, and then compliment their strengths while playing down their weaknesses. 

It was so helpful to then sort out which tasks my staff was best at, and make ALL of us happy and being the best we can be. 

Highly recommend Jen and Never Alone Coaching!”

Cecilia Rowe, Owner of The Music Studio at Vinings, Atlanta GA




Never Alone Coaching has been amazing. 

Jen gave me the marketing help I needed to take my business to the next level and input systems that helped me grow and serve my family. 

Not only that, but Jen has been a wonderful cheerleader and counselor, helping instill confidence in decision making and pursuing my dreams.”

Ruth Christianson, Realtor



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