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To drop from the VA Academy program after your 6-month commitment,
please fill out this form.

This will discontinue your payments.

(Use the same email that you signed up with)

More Options for You:

If you’d like to stay plugged in with all the same great benefits of the Academy for only $97/mo, join the Membership! You still need to fill out the form above, to stop your payments, then sign up for the Membership to switch to the new pricing. We would love to continue to support you!

You can also level up and join the Agency Acceleration Program! this program is where we go faster and further with offering clients online marketing, SEO, WordPress websites, and more. You’ll learn how to hire staff, how to delegate, how to systematize, and how to turn $4,000 months into $30,000 months.

Please note: If you sign up for the Monthly Membership or the Agency Acceleration Program, your sign up will automatically cancel your VA Academy payments and you will not be charged for the VA Academy again.