How do you run a business from home, especially if you homeschool?

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Identify Your Goals and Set up Systems!


“There are so many tools out there, but I haven’t really found one that resonated with me like your book because very few (none I’ve found so far) factor in little kids/family as a high priority OR approach it from a Christian perspective. I’m working through the book and workbook right now and I can’t recommend Jen Hickle enough!” – Sarah

“I’ve read your book and really enjoyed it! I have to tell you that several ‘solutions’ that you are using I applied to my family and household! It made my life not only easier but happier! There is still work to do but with your ideas it doesn’t feel so overwhelming! I do strive to have that ‘well oiled machine’ for life!” – Izabela 

“It can be hard to find a balance between work and family. This book helps working parents find systems to keep everything running smoothly. It’s helping me grow my business and keep my sanity! Highly recommend!!”

“Even though my kids are grown, there are so many practical ideas in this book that I can use to grow my own business. Having a system is the best advice for running your business and still have time with family and friends. This book is chock-full of simple, easy ideas that can make your life so much easier! I highly recommend it.” – Sandi

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