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Instant access to the free training:

The Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Profitable VA Business

(Even if you homeschool!)


The Road Map

How to get it done. The step by step process for building a profitable Virtual Assistant business!

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The Workbook

Accompanies the video training and includes questions to help you determine if this is the business that would work for your life and your personality!

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3 Videos

Learn how to make recurring income with the skills you already have, listen to how moms make this work for them, and get access to the most frequently asked questions.

Be home with your kids,
create consistent income,
and change your family's future.

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About Us

We’re Chris and Jen Hickle. We’ve been married and working together in business for 25+ years. We’ve raised and homeschooled 4 kids and now we have a grand baby, too! (Which we love!)

We live in the beautiful state of Minnesota, in the outer ring of the suburbs, in the smallish town of Elk River.

We love watching ‘Friends’ reruns, ordering buffalo wings from DoorDash, geeking out on WordPress, visiting Duluth in the summer, and hanging out with our grown kids.

We LOVE supporting small business owners and ministries, to make a bigger difference in the world.

Jen Hickle & Family

Our Mission

To help more moms stay home with their babies, watch their children grow, guide their children in their education, and be available for their teens and young adults.

To give families freedom of time and location, to work anywhere, and to provide for their families, even with extreme inflation.

To teach and train talented and responsible VAs to learn the skills that their small business owners need the most!

To honor God in all that we do.

What our members are saying
"It is possible! I NEEDED a job but after 13 years home with my boys the idea of going to work outside the home left a bad taste in my mouth (and sent my anxiety skyrocketing). I hit the ground running and conquered challenge after challenge. In just 2 months, I got 2 clients in the niche I chose!"
Carrie Mau
Carrie Mau
"I’ve learned so much! If you are determined to make this your career, Never Alone Coaching is great about helping you from the very beginning and for as long as you want. The learning and encouragement have been essential to starting out on this new venture. So many skills and areas that I never knew how to do are now beginning to feel obtainable And I just signed on my 5th client!"
Tiffany jensen
Tiffany Jenson
"The VA Academy has very thorough videos with the information explained clearly. This has been a big step outside of my comfort zone. It’s exciting to be learning and accomplishing something so great all while still being the wife and mom I want to be, not having to brush any of my priorities aside."
Lindsey Lehr
Lindsey Lehr
"Everyone is very friendly and encouraging. It is nice to feel like you are part of a team, yet are doing your own thing while you learn from and encourage others. Thanks so much for running this business! It is exactly what my family needs!”
Alicia Bohm
"There are so many tools out there, but I haven't really found one that resonated with me like your book because very few (none I've found so far) factor in little kids/family as a high priority OR approach it from a Christian perspective. I'm working through the book and workbook right now and I can't recommend Jen Hickle enough!"
"I've read your book and really enjoyed it! I have to tell you that several 'solutions' that you are using I applied to my family and household! It made my life not only easier but happier! There is still work to do but with your ideas it doesn't feel so overwhelming! I do strive to have that 'well oiled machine' for life!"
"It can be hard to find a balance between work and family. This book helps working parents find systems to keep everything running smoothly. It's helping me grow my business and keep my sanity! Highly recommend!!"
"As a mom with a business of my own, and helping my husband with his, it is so hard to keep myself and my family organized. I am so enjoying reading Jen's book and learning how to "ninjafy" myself and our schedules! She gives great suggestions and ways to simplify your life. The book is easy to read, and I highly recommend!"
"Excellent book! This really got me motivated to streamline how I do things more at home and be more productive with my time. Jen has a very personable style that makes this an easy read and is very empowering!"
"Even though my kids are grown, there are so many practical ideas in this book that I can use to grow my own business. Having a system is the best advice for running your business and still have time with family and friends. This book is chock-full of simple, easy ideas that can make your life so much easier! I highly recommend it."
"In this book Jen is honest about the areas where she struggled and the various changes to her mindset and how she approached her busy schedule. Although she homeschools her children, the contents in the book are applicable to anyone who runs a home-based business or is working while raising children."
"It can be hard to find a balance between work and family. This book helps working parents find systems to keep everything running smoothly. It's helping me grow my business and keep my sanity! Highly recommend!!"
"This book just breaks down 'all the things' and covers them so simplistically. It helped me see that I need to quit focusing on the guilt and frustrations of my weaknesses and focus on my strengths. Sometimes I don’t realize that it is my personality that I’m fighting against, so I want to look into that more!"
"This was a quick read, easy to follow. I enjoyed relating to the author on a personal level. She knows what it's like to run a business and raise children. After reading this book I have a good understanding of what my business needs to grow."