Homeschooling doesn't just happen at the kitchen table.

When your kids won't sit still...
And you don't have much time...
You can still homeschool successfully!

(Especially when your kids would rather dance or hang upside down than sit at the kitchen table!)

Homeschool Your Creative Kid

Considering homeschooling?

Or need a change in how you’re teaching your kids?

Overwhelmed with where to start? Need some info, some encouragement, and some tools to get started without stress or chaos?

Are your kids into dancing, theatre, art, writing, or music?? Do you have a hunch that they just don’t fit into “traditional” schooling??

Grab this free class! It’s 100% free and recorded, so you can watch it whenever! Take the first step and get on a firm path of success so you can stop stressing and start planning for a wonderful year of homeschooling!

Psst: Distance learning is NOT homeschooling. We’ll talk about how to send in your intent to homeschool and how to follow your child’s interests for learning that is fun, fast, and enjoyable for both parents and kids!

If you’ve got creative kids, you have to approach learning differently so it works for their brains and bodies!

I’m Jen Hickle and I’ve graduated my two oldest boys and I’m still homeschooling two kids. Homeschooling successfully is not always easy, but always 100% worth it! 

My two boys have severe dyslexia and I had to learn creative ways to keep them learning while they were on their own journey of reading and writing. My kids are super creative and out-of-the-box so I’ve learned a lot along the way! (Because I also work from home, I’ve had to get super creative with time management!)

What we’ll talk about:

  • What you need to know about Homeschooling Law
  • How to report to your school district.
  • What do I need to begin??
  • Can I do this? Am I qualified?
  • What if I work from home? Can I still homeschool?
  • Free resources to homeschool on a tight budget
  • How to teach when they won’t sit still.
  • What is interest-led learning and how can we actually ENJOY learning??