Dear friend,

I want to take a moment and just speak to you, heart to heart.

I know what it’s like to have a little fire burning in my heart. A little blaze that I try to keep small and quiet. After all, my kids and my husband need me. So I quiet that fire and I wait. I wait until the time is right.

But sometimes, my friend, we wait too long.

Sometimes, out of the goodness in our heart, we put our families first until our heart aches.
Sometimes we THINK we are doing the right thing, but we are actually suppressing the gifts that GOD gave us to help our family financially.

When I realized I could still be a GOOD MOM and grow my business, it’s like the heavens opened and all the angels sang.
See, I’m wired to do a lot of things.
I can juggle a lot.
I am a “high capacity person.”

And maybe you are, too?
Maybe you’ve started working for a MLM or direct sales company. You’ve volunteered a lot at church. You’ve offered to bring friends meals. You’ve babysat for free. You’ve done a lot because YOU CAN.

But what if you took all those efforts and channeled them into ONE thing?
What if you took all those random hours and put them together and grew your own business??

Maybe you’ve tried building a business before. Maybe it didn’t quite work.

But did you have a mentor? Did you have a blueprint for success? Did you have clients coming to you regularly?

I started the VA Academy because I coach very busy business owners who NEED to hire a VA. It’s the number one thing that I recommend to them, so they can free up their time and double their business. BUT the problem was finding the right VAs that knew what they needed.

So I decided to train VAs myself.

I teach you exactly what you need to know so that you will instantly benefit the business owners who need you.

I’ll teach you how to set up your packages and how much to charge.

I have fixed all the hard parts so YOU can focus on what YOU do best. AND you can still have time for your kids, your house, and your spouse.

If making an additional $1500-2000 per month would make a difference for your family… if you could finally take that vacation you’ve been dreaming of… or renovate your house to match your Pinterest page… or pay for your kids to get a tutor or take music lessons or theatre classes…

Then building a Virtual Assistant business could be an answer to prayer for you.

It won’t be easy. It won’t be instantaneous. You have to learn the skills and put in the time.
But if you do? Well, your entire life could change.

And I want that for you.

I turned around my family’s finances. We paid off all of our debt. We renovated our entire house. We have taken multiple vacations together. And I’ve been able to pay for the “extras” that I never thought would be possible.

And I want to help you do the same thing.

Let’s get started. I’ll be with you every step of the way.
Enroll now and you can start today.

I’m here to cheer you on.

jen 1