Stay Connected and Keep Growing!

Business growth takes time. Just like planting a tree, you have to keep watering and patiently wait for the fruit of your efforts.

Business and technology are rapidly changing. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up!

Your Monthly Membership in the VA Academy gives you:

  • Cutting-edge knowledge of changes on the horizon in this industry
  • Accountability for your goals, so you can keep moving forward
  • Connection with like-minded business owners who want to also put their family first
  • Continued progress as you get leads and new clients
  • Support as you work with clients and sign new contracts
  • Questions answered as you grow your business (more clients = more questions)
  • Access to our “VA Needed” posts for leads who are looking to hire a VA
  • Training on how to start and grow an agency!

The Monthly Membership Includes:

  • The encouraging and knowledgeable Facebook community
  • Fresh monthly topics to sharpen your VA skills and help you continue to grow your business 
  • Replays of all trainings, if you can’t make it live
  • Two Marketing Masterclasses per month– learn more about online businesses, opt-ins, funnels, and more!
  • A listing on the VA Directory (after you’ve completed 5 Challenges)
  • Access to the job opportunities posted in the Facebook group when clients request a VA match!
  • Access to the Agency Program, where you can scale your company, hire team, and make $10K+ per month!
  • A chance to book private coaching calls with Jen for just $100 when you need them!

How Much is the Membership?

  • Get everything you had access to during the 6-month VA Academy course for only $97/mo!
  • Already on the Directory? Sign up for the Monthly Membership and STILL only pay $97/mo (and get access to all the live calls, recordings, and new trainings).
  • The VA Membership is month-to-month. No long-term contract. Cancel anytime!
  • Come back whenever you need to. (Enrollment typically open in September and January.)

Who should join the Membership?

  • After the 6-month VA Academy Course, you’re invited to continue your journey in the Monthly Membership!
  • Stay plugged in and stay supported as you grow your VA business (or expand to an agency).
  • Anyone who wants to keep growing and expanding their business!
  • Keep the encouragement, motivation, accountability, and community of the VA Academy! And keep learning and growing your VA skills.

Who is eligible for the Membership?

Anyone who has paid for the 6-month VA Academy Course! (No matter how far you’ve progressed, you’re eligible for the Monthly Membership!)

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Continue to learn. Continue to grow. And stay connected!