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April 5th-6th, 2024

Live and online, from the comfort of your home!

Whether you've been in business for years
or you're just starting out,
the VA Retreat will encourage you
and give you the tools you need to make goals and reach them!

Here’s what you can expect at the Virtual Retreat:

  • Actionable steps that you can put into place right away, so you can make more money in your VA business.
  • Time away from daily life to make an action plan for your business!
  • Laughter as you are entertained by Chris and Jen’s real-life stories and experiences!
  • Community and conversation with other VAs who truly understand your life and what you are building!
  • Various topics on business, time management, and using your strengths.
  • Breakout rooms to chat in small groups and process what you are learning.
  • Connect with new friends! (One of the best parts of the Retreat!)
  • Guided exercises to help you identify and set goals.

The Retreat is completely free!

  • NO cost to attend if you are in the VA Academy, the VA Membership, or the Agency Mastermind.
  • Recordings will be provided afterwards to anyone who signs up.
  • We will not be mailing boxes this year (to save on costs) but you will be able to print the workbook so you can take notes and follow along!

The Schedule

Please note:
The schedule is a little different from past years, in an attempt to accommodate many time zones!

All times listed are in Central Time zone (Chicago).


1:00 p.m. Welcome, Announcements, and warm up exercise

Session 1: Mindset Reset 

Session 2: Circle of Strengths

5:00 p.m. Dismissed


10:00 a.m. Start

Session 3: Time management

12:00 p.m. Lunch break

Session 4: Agency topic with Chris

Session 5:  How and When to raise your prices

Session 6: Set your GPS

5:00 p.m. Dismissed

What to Expect:

  • Identify your goals and break them into smaller steps to avoid overwhelm.
  • See the “big picture” of where you are headed and what you should focus on next.
  • Learn tips for better time management.
  • Learn how to use your strengths in your business.
  • Plenty of breaks to move, stretch and eat.
  • Interactive to keep you engaged and having fun.
  • Learn a new skill or two from Chris.
  • Learn how to make more money in your VA business.
  • It’s virtual, so no travel costs!

Why Attend?

  • Set aside time to focus, clear your head, and renew your motivation!
  • Get clear action steps for your business.
  • Connect with other VAs and get inspired!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will all the sessions be recorded?
Yes! Save your seat and you can watch the recordings after they are posted.

I can only attend one day. Should I still sign up?

What is the cost of the Virtual Retreat? 
No cost if you are still enrolled in the VA Academy, the VA Membership, or the Agency Mastermind!

Do I have to talk on camera? That makes me nervous. 
Nope! You do not ever have to unmute and talk. However, the breakout rooms are very small (3-4 people) and I think you will love getting to know the other members!

How often do you do these events? 
We usually do a 1-day Goal Setting Workshop in January, a 2-day Retreat in the Spring, and a 2-day Retreat in the fall.

If I leave the VA Academy, can I still attend the Retreat? 
No, this event is only for paying members.

How should I prepare for this event? 
Print the workbook! (After you sign up, we will give you the link.) Have pens and highlighters handy and make sure your household is cared for so you can focus!

Will you offer an in-person Retreat as well? 
At this time (spring 2024) we are only offering virtual. There will be in-person options in the fall!

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"The Never Alone Retreat is an opportunity to dive into why and how marketing to your strengths and personality is so important. It will help you save time, energy, and resources when you recognize that tapping into how God designed you is what you want to lead with when you handle your small business. You will walk away with the experience of what you heard while also having the workbook that is packed with tangible information to guide you after the Retreat is over. I loved and am grateful for the virtual format since I live far away from Minnesota. The duration and frequency of the breaks was a perfect balance in helping me get brain and movement breaks. For me, I liked the time frame. I felt energized vs. wiped out. The time flew by and made me want more - which is nice way to end a retreat!"
susan stern
Susan S
Retreat Attendee
"I loved the online format. Jen is such a great (and funny!) presenter. It was easy to follow and understand the information. The information is hands-on info! Not some theory, but real information that I can start working on it right away! I couldn't believe how fast the time flew! It was very productive and so much fun! It was so easy to shift from laughing mode to a serious one. Thank you so much for the tools, info, and knowledge!"
"You have a heart to serve others and you give us clear and strategic ideas. Your prices are very affordable comparing to other coaches. I feel connected and that I belong!"
“You will leave rejuvenated and focused! It is time away from everything to concentrate on your business, uninterrupted. It's amazing what you can discover and plan when you have a few hours of uninterrupted time. Connecting with others is not the easiest thing for me, but it is such a blessing. It was so nice to connect with the coach and staff more. It helps build more trust and open the communication bridge more. It was also great to meet more VAs. You may not realize it, but it is also a networking opportunity. If someone comes to me and is interested in hiring a VA, but my hours are full, I have several VA's I can now recommend! I hesitated signing up for the retreat because I have been to some that seemed to be a waste of time and money, but this was worth every penny and minute.”
"Being with focused, like-minded business owners is like getting away with your best friends to share and support each other on this VA journey. I enjoyed the break-out rooms, the content covered by Chris and Jen and the connections that were being nurtured. I love collaboration and brainstorming so this filled my cup! More please! I will attend each Never Alone Retreat offered in the future. Well done."
marilyn martino
Marilyn M.
Virtual Assistant
"The retreat is a great way to be motivated and inspired in your business. You'll learn tons of useful information as well as how to set goals for yourself."
“It's necessary to step out of your comfort zone. To be with, and learn from, others who are on a similar journey. Their path may not be exactly the same, but being in that space, and spending time learning and connecting, allows you to be able to step back and see the bigger picture. It lets you stop focusing on the small tasks of the day to day and enables you to set larger goals.”

This event is only for members of the VA Academy!
The purpose is to help YOU focus on growing your business
so you can change your future!