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Thank you for your interest in piano lessons!
The first step is to schedule a free consultation. 
Please schedule a 30-minute slot below to chat and meet each other. 


You can email me at jenhicklepiano@gmail.com with any questions!
If you haven’t yet, fill out your info here: www.jenhickle.com/piano 


After the consultation, if you would like to enroll, we will set up automatic billing, which is $120 per month for a weekly 30 minute lesson. (Sorry, no sibling discounts)

45 minute lessons are $180/month (recommended for advanced students).

60 minute lessons are $240/month (recommended for students seeking to continue piano in college).


If there are no times available, it means all the slots are full. I will keep you on a waiting list and reach out when I have an opening!


I’m Jen Hickle and for 25 years, I owned Rogers School of Music. We sold it in 2020 and it’s still going strong!
Now that my kids are older and I have more time, I have decided to take on a few piano students in my home again.
I have a degree in Church Music from North Central University and was trained classically my entire life (8 years with college professors of music). My teaching style is encouraging, motivating, and creative.

I love beginners, but if you have advanced students and can’t find a teacher who can continue to challenge them, I may be a good fit. I can also incorporate theory and playing worship chord charts. I also love musical theatre music!

My philosophy

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I have earned a lot about teaching over the last 20 years from being a mom and a homeschool parent!

My number one goal is that your child LOVES music and LOVES coming to lessons. I strive to learn your child’s personality and learning style so we can make lessons a success. EVERYONE learns at their own pace and in their own way.

If you enroll siblings, one may go faster and one may go slower. That’s okay! Again, the goal is to love music and love lessons.
If for any reason your child does NOT love lessons, I encourage you to find a different teacher or even try a different instrument!

All lessons are private and 30 minutes long. (Advanced students may be advised to have 45 minute lessons.) The student will be given homework and will be asked to practice 5 days during the week. Practice at home is key– it’s what allows the student to progress! Lessons are a check-up and a coaching session. And each lesson is more valuable when accompanied by practice at home!

Looking forward to sharing my love of music!
Jen Hickle

Parent Involvement

As a parent, do you need to help at home? Not really! Just give gentle reminders to practice and call out encouragement: “Good job! I liked that one! Wow that was great!” Don’t worry– if there are mistakes, I’ll fix them at the lesson. (If there are obvious mistakes, for sure help guide and direct! That’s what parents are for!)


Parents are encouraged to drop off students after our first consultation. Unfortunately, I don’t have a waiting room for parents or siblings. In the summer, feel free to play in our backyard on the swing set or go down the street to the park! 

I live in Elk River, off County Road 1, near the golf course and before River of Life Church if you’re headed north.
Lessons are in my home, off the front door, in my office with my Boston acoustic piano.

Choosing an Instrument

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If you are going to use a keyboard to practice on, please look for these 3 things:

1. Weighted keys (this means you can’t see under the keys). This helps the student with their technique and helps them play in a more controlled way.

2. 88 keys. It will be frustrating to practice when they run out of keys to play! Make sure your keyboard has 88 (not 66).

3. A pedal. A pedal is an important part of making music! You can usually buy one that plugs into the back of your keyboard.


Acoustic Piano

If you are going to purchase or acquire an acoustic piano, please make sure it’s in tune! I recommend Rick for piano tuning. He is wonderful and affordable.

Your piano should be tuned once a year!

Contact Rick Nevala if you need to get your piano tuned: 612-209-8159 or nevala.rick@gmail.com

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faber piano

After our first consultation, I’ll let you know which books you should purchase!

I’ll give you an Amazon link so you can purchase and then the books will come directly to you!

I use Faber books or Piano Pronto. For advanced students, my expertise is in classical, baroque, and modern. 

Lesson Calendar

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No Lessons:

March 10 – 15
Spring Break

May 29
Memorial Day

July 1 – 8
Independence Day

September 4
Labor Day

November 21 – 26
Thanksgiving Break

December 19 – January 1, 2021
Christmas Break

Missing Lessons

Because of the nature of my studio, I can be fairly flexible with your lessons! 

If you are sick, let me know and we can reschedule during one of the weeks of our break, if possible. (You will be given a calendar link to reschedule your lesson.)

If I am sick, I will ask my high school daughter sub for your lessons! (She is very advanced and you will love her!)