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1. Homeschooling and your Marriage: Forming an Alliance 

Are you and your spouse on the same page? When stress runs high, do you know how to reset back to why you started? In this engaging, hilarious presentation, Jen and Chris will encourage your audience with their real-life stories of hiding in the bathroom, crying over coffee, and surviving homeschooling 4 kids in 7 years. Chris and Jen will engage your audience and bring real Truth to your homeschool home. They’ve worked together and homeschooled for 10 years and been married for 25! Chris is a former pastor, business owner, and computer geek. This presentation is best viewed when microphones are available.

2. Homeschooling Creative Kids: When They Would Rather Hang Upside Down than Sit at the Kitchen Table

If you have creative kids, you know that teaching the tried and true way with workbooks isn’t going to work. You have to come up with new strategies. In this session, we’ll touch on dyslexia, dysgraphia, autism, and dyscalculia and how to homeschool when your kids don’t fit into the worksheet box of learning. (Psst– it’s more fun when you learn out of the box!) Learn how to understand your child’s learning style and how to make homeschooling work for them– and you! We will also cover the basics: how to start legally, how to structure your day, how to rise above the chaos, and how to manage the baby and toddler in the midst of it all. (Available for any state, but most familiar with Minnesota laws.)

3. Understanding and Appreciating the Strengths of Your Team

All teams struggle with awareness and understanding between co-workers. In this workshop, you’ll learn about your personal strengths and how to utilize the strengths of others, particularly when they are different than your own! As a certified Strengths Coach, I bring humor and truth to your team, helping to break the ice and bring your group together in a new and fresh way! 
Available for businesses, teams, ministries, or co-ops.

The Board of Christian Homeschoolers of Stillwater
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"Chris and Jen, Thank you both SO MUCH for speaking at our homeschool meeting Tuesday. We, the board, were blown away by how witty, dynamic, and encouraging you were. We were so pleased and impressed! Thank you for sharing your marriage and homeschool journey with our group. We would like to keep your name on our list of future speakers, and we hope to see you again at a meeting in the future!"
Susan Stern
Susan Stern
Retreat attendee
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"Jen is such a great (and funny!) presenter. I couldn't believe how fast the time flew! It was very productive and so much fun! It was so easy to shift from laughing mode to a serious one. Thank you so much for the tools, info, and knowledge!"

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