What You'll Learn: The VA Academy Curriculum

Lay the foundation

  • Choose a name for your business
  • Get a business bank account 
  • Get a professional email

Get set up legally

  • Register your business
  • Get an EIN number

Frame the walls for your Marketing

  • Choose your brand colors and fonts
  • Design a logo
  • Get photos taken of yourself 
  • Choose one social media channel to use consistently

Roll out the Red Carpet for Your Clients

Build your boundaries

The Challenges:

  1. Google Drive Challenge
  2. Data Entry Challenge 
  3. Spreadsheet Challenge
  4. Website Challenge
  5. Set up Systems Challenge
  6. Email Challenge
  7. Graphic Design Challenge
  8. Facebook Challenge
  9. Instagram Challenge
  10. Email marketing Challenge with MailChimp

BONUS Training:

  • Free or Almost Free Ways to Market Your Business
  • Trello Training
  • Newsletter Training
  • Acuity Scheduling 

After getting certified, you'll get access to the Agency Program:

Core Content:

  1. Build Your Agency Overview
  2. Roll Out the Red Carpet
  3. How to Raise Your Prices
  4. How to Deal with Very Difficult Clients (and how to let them go)
  5. How to Work with Quick Start Coaches (who are difficult clients)

How to Expand Your Agency and Hire!

  1. When Should You Outsource and Hire?
  2. How to Hire a VA for Your Agency 
  3. Org Chart Training
  4. How to Be the Leader and CEO of Your Agency 

Know Your Numbers to Grow Your Agency

  1. Lifetime Customer Value
  2. Client Acquisition
  3. Return on Investment
  4. Profit and Loss

Facebook Foundations

  1. Introduction: Harness the Power of Social Media for Business
  2. What Do You Really Sell?
  3. Visually Grab Your Reader on Instagram and Facebook
  4. Entertain and Engage on Facebook
  5. Your Website and Online Presence
  6. Don’t Waste Your Marketing Money!

Facebook Ad Success

  1. Intro to Facebook Marketing
  2. Facebook Training
  3. Creating a Facebook Audience
  4. How to get Reviews on Facebook
  5. Creating an Audience in Ads Manager
  6. Facebook Admin Training
  7. Facebook Q and A, 1
  8. Facebook Q and A, 2
  9. Facebook Do’s and Don’ts: Advanced Strategies

Facebook Groups Training

  1. Facebook Groups Training 1
  2. Facebook Groups Training 2
  3. Facebook Groups Training 3



Newsletter Marketing
Google My Business Training
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training