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and change your future!

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Who is the teen track for?
  • Do people ask you for help with their phone, computer, or other technology?
  • Are you patient and creative?
  • Do you love organizing and improving systems?
  • Would you love a job where YOU control the hours you work and you can work at any time of the day??
  • Have you always wanted to start your own business?

This is for teens ages 16-19 who:

  • Love technology

  • Love learning new things

  • Want to work from anywhere

  • Want to help small businesses succeed

  • Want to learn practical skills for business and marketing 

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What you’ll learn:

  • How to start your company legally
  • How to set up your own bank account
  • How to invoice and get paid
  • How to communicate with clients
  • How to manage tasks
  • How to charge for your services

The Challenges (projects):

  • Google Drive Challenge
  • Data Entry Challenge
  • Spreadsheet Challenge
  • Website Challenge
  • Set up Systems Challenge
  • Email Challenge
  • Graphic Design Challenge
  • Facebook Challenge
  • Instagram Challenge
  • Email marketing Challenge with MailChimp
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The Teen Track is $1500.

After the 6-month course, students can receive on-going support for just $97/month.

Students learn side-by-side other teens and adults. They will also learn from VAs and Digital Agency Owners who have been in business for several years.

This is a self-guided course with mentorship and is best suited for self-motivated students who love to learn and achieve!

Live Q and A sessions (about once a week) help them to plug into the community, get questions answered, and get inspired to keep going!

You'll Also Receive:

Free or Almost Free Ways to Market Your Business (When you don’t have much time or money). Full of ideas on how to get clients, both for YOU and for you to help your clients!

How to Sell Your Services Without Feeling too Salsey! Learn exactly how to package and price your services, without feeling pushy in the process!

The Goal Success Course: How to fight procrastination, work with your strengths, how to set tangible goals, and how to reach those goals!

Enrollment is now closed. Get on the waiting list!

"The VA Academy Teen Track was an incredible experience. Right from the beginning I knew what my goals were and how to get there. There is a wonderful team to help you along and answer all your questions. Jen is amazing at uplifting her students and showing them their potential. I would recommend this school to everyone!
I loved that you can work at your own pace and add your own ideas and creativity in every assignment. The VA Academy really helps you find the areas you shine and supports you in building those skills as a unique individual. Jen Hickle, and her assistant Rachel, are there to answer any questions and do a great job in mentoring the students. These two amazing women fill you up with love while helping you reach success in your own VA career. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!
Thank you again to Jen for all the help and feedback. I am especially thankful for your guidance in helping me realize the potential my "simple" and "meaningless" skills had.
Also, another big thank you to Rachel for all the help with my many questions and helping work out any tech issues.
“If you’re considering joining the VA Academy, I highly recommend you join sooner rather than later! It’s SO worth it.
And like we talk about in the Academy a lot, “you’ll never feel completely ready,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it!
The VA Academy family is so good at welcoming everyone with open arms, no matter how you’re feeling or where you’re coming from!
It's such a beautiful group full of such beautiful and encouraging people...I have dreams coming true because of this group and Jen’s program!
I’m so glad I took the time to learn web design. It’s a valuable skill that provides me with stable income.
When I was still a teenager, I was mentored by my parents, Chris and Jen Hickle. And I learned how to build and edit websites. I started with Weebly and then progressed to WordPress, which is a lot more complex, but also more fun.
Having a job as a website designer gives me a creative outlet and the freedom to work around my schedule and provides a base salary for me and my wife.
I’m still able to teach theatre and act, which I love.
"I want to say THANK YOU for your help launching my virtual assistant business. This journey has been a ton of fun and I am learning so much. I have clients that love working with and projects that I enjoy! Having a support system while I was getting started was so helpful. Thank you so much for all of your help launching this new endeavor!
I’ve always loved entrepreneurship and started my first business as a teenager.
Now I help small businesses share their message and grow their brand through strategic web design!"
“I'm the oldest of 9 kids. Growing up with a few very creative and talented siblings helped me realize that I enjoy helping and encouraging people to accomplish their goals, rather than being in the limelight myself.
Being a virtual assistant gives me the opportunity to do, for business owners, the same things I did for my family and siblings, and I love it!
I love, love, love being part of the VA Academy! 10/10 recommend if you’re looking for a way to generate income while still being able to be present for your family!”

Frequently Asked Questions

There is so much information online that it is time-consuming and overwhelming to sort through all of it! The VA Academy guides you step-by-step so you aren’t wasting any time trying to figure out how to start your business or learn VA skills. Our community gives you 24/7 encouraging support, so you aren’t alone on an island figuring it out alone. And, best of all, after you complete the program, we will promote your services so you will get clients FASTER than if you try to do it alone. 

On-demand video lessons to teach you VA skills and marketing skills, so you can learn at your own pace.

Access to almost weekly Zoom sessions. (Come when you can; all recorded if you can’t make it live.)

Work Together co-working time, like a study hall, to keep you motivated and moving forward!

3 private coaching calls, unlocked as you progress through the Challenges.

You have 3 days to check out the program. If you watch all the trainings and decide that this is not for you, we will stop your payments and you will not be charged again.

Most videos are only 10-20 minutes long. Watch and then implement! Go at your own pace.

In the Academy, you’ll learn HOW to get clients on your own, using networking, your website, and social media. 

We will also promote you to clients and list you on the Directory when you have finished 7 Challenges.

Plan on 5-10 hours per week to work on your business. It’s best if you are not already over-scheduled with other commitments! Building a business takes time and focus. If you are faithful, you will be successful.

With skills in marketing, admin, social media management, and website building, you can  charge between $25-100 per hour.The more specialized you are in Google Ads, WordPress, and SEO, the more you can charge. ($500/mo packages up to $3000/mo packages per client)

No. We are a teaching and mentoring program. We show you how to start your own business, but you have to do the work. We will refer clients to you, but we are not in the middle and we do not take a percentage. 

You will need good internet, a laptop or desktop computer, a smartphone, and a place to work. This can be in your bedroom, dining room, or in a spare bedroom. Even on your couch if you’re comfortable!
Most software and apps are free to start. You may want headphones or a comfortable office chair. 

We have a flipped classroom: all learning is done online with pre-recorded lessons. You learn on your own and come to the live sessions to ask questions. If you can’t make it live, our sessions are always recorded to watch on your own time.

Your 3 private coaching calls are scheduled by you and when they work for you.

The Teen Track is a guided experience to starting (or growing) your own business. It’s like going to Europe with a tour guide. You won’t have to fumble around, figuring everything out with trial and error. You’ll get a Roadmap and instructions on the skills you need to learn. You’ll have fellow travelers to encourage you and lift you up.

You can’t just take this class, do nothing, never show up, and still “pass.” Building a business takes time and effort.
Few will do it.
But those who do, reap the rewards for a lifetime.

You can get a college degree, but a degree doesn’t guarantee a job or a life you love. And you’re likely to be strapped with debt the size of a mortgage– but without the house.

If you build a business, you can choose the work that YOU want to do, you can choose the clients that are a good fit for you, and you can morph and change your business as your life shifts and changes. 

Yes! Coach Jen Hickle started her business at age 18, so she has first-hand experience. We have had many teens successfully complete the program, get clients, and earn money. Most are still living at home and saving for the future. Some are engaged and go on to get married, have babies, and grow their business as time goes on.

You have to be driven and determined. You have to want this. It can’t be your mom’s idea or a convenient way to sidestep college. If you decide that you are all-in and want to build a VA business, you WILL be successful.

You have to love technology. You need to love to research answers and learn new things. 

You have to be hungry for success.

If this sounds like you, we can’t wait to work with you!