The VA Academy Hub


Your Hub of Information for the VA Academy

1. The Welcome Packet: Print and place in a 3-ring binder so you have a printed version of all this information. VA Academy Packet

2. The ChallengesClick here. Save this Google Doc to your computer. This document accompanies all of the videos in the Member Center. 

3. Log in to the Member Center and save your password:

4. Join the Facebook group:

5. Fill out the Starting Point Form:

6. Complete the Strength Assessment:

7. Schedule your first Strategy Session. (Link will be provided when both forms are filled out.)

8. Create your workspace. Clear a desk, table, or space in your bedroom where you can work!

9. Watch the Core Training Videos. Login: 

10. Begin working on your Challenges! When you finish a challenge, fill out the Challenge Form here:

11. Get Listed on our Directory when you have completed 5 Challenges. Your gold stars will indicate the challenges you have completed, so clients can hire you based on your skill and qualifications! See the Directory for examples of what your bio should look like.

12. Mark your calendar and attend the upcoming Zoom sessions, listed here.

13. Questions? Email