The Advantage of Hiring a
Virtual Assistant

from Never Alone Coaching

  • Our VAs are invested in YOUR goals and helping you accomplish your mission. They are fully committed to their clients, responsible, excellent at communication, and eager to please.
  • Our VAs get continued training on marketing so they are always learning and growing to keep up with the rapidly changing trends and algorithms.
  • Our VAs are supported by our Academy. So when they get stuck, they have an army of knowledgeable, helpful, tech-savvy experts to help them, which helps YOU and your business.
  • As business owners for over 25 years, we understand small business. We understand what YOU need. And that sets apart the graduates of our Academy from all the others!
  • We train the VAs in our program to assist small business owners who need support, strategy, and systems.
  • Our VAs are from all over North America. (And one in Europe!) 
  • All of our VAs are native English-speaking and some are bi-lingual.

What can you ask your VA to do for you?

What can a VA do for you

How the Virtual Assistants from our Academy Stand Out:

Hiring Tips:

  • The best part about hiring a Virtual Assistant is you don’t have to hire them as a full time employee!
  • You can start slow, with just 5-10 hours per week, building up their hours as you build trust and as your company grows!
  • For more tips, request the guide to hiring a VA at the bottom of this page!

What is the role of Never Alone Coaching?

  • Never Alone Coaching is a business school. We teach and empower amazing humans to own a business that they are proud of.
  • We are not in the middle of you and your VA.
  • We do not take a cut or a percentage.
  • You will hire your VA directly, as an independent contractor.
  • You do not need to provide benefits, insurance, or take out taxes for your VA.
  • Your VA owns their own business and is responsible for their own taxes.

Students of our Academy can offer:

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Advanced Students can also offer:

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