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The Virtual Assistants on this Directory have gone through our Virtual Assistant Academy and have learned valuable skills to help YOUR business grow and succeed. You can see the skills that we have vetted by referring to the chart of badges they have earned.

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Data Entry: Can import/export and manage your information.

Email: can manage your inbox, create follow up emails, and respond for requests for more info.

Facebook: able to post for you, respond to messages, and post content.

Google Drive: can manage your folder, files, and manage your data.

Graphic design: can create graphics for your social media.

Instagram: able to post for you, create Stories, and monitor your account.

MailChimp: can build and edit templates, import/export email lists.

Quickbooks Online/Bookkeeping: this VA has earned their Intuit ProAdvisor certificate for Quickbooks Online and bookkeeping.

Spanish Speaking: ​this VA has shown the ability to communicate effectively in Spanish.

Spreadsheets (Google Sheets/Excel): ​able to manage, edit, sort, filter, write formulas and run reports.

Todoist: ​able to manage projects, recurring tasks, and day-to-day tasks in Todoist

Websites: able to build, edit, and create basic websites.

Photo of Katie Cowgill

Katie Cowgill

Cowgill Virtual Services


Hey there! I’m Katie, also known as the chaos coordinator of our house here in the mountains of Virginia. My husband and I have two girls, a black lab, a german shepherd puppy, a cat (named Mouse), and a handful of crazy chickens so there always seems to be something going on. We enjoy camping, trips to the lake, and just hanging out with friends around the fire pit.

I have to admit, I am a total math nerd. In fact, as an elementary school teacher, math was always my favorite subject to teach! I think maybe that’s why I love spreadsheets, data, and organization so much. Taking a mess of numbers, data, and information and giving it some order and structure makes me so happy!

For the past several years, I have worked at a small Christian school in our community. Serving in various roles including teacher and office assistant has given me the chance to learn and sharpen several of my skills including creating virtual homework, communicating with parents and staff members, and even creating a spreadsheet to track student lunch orders and account balances.

I am very much a behind-the-scenes kind of person who truly enjoys being able to help others succeed. Those tedious, detail-oriented tasks that you keep putting off each day on your to-do list are the things that I enjoy doing!

Let me help you give some organization to your hot mess so your business can grow and thrive just like you’ve always imagined it could.

Skills verified by Never Alone Business Services:
Data Entry, Google Drive, Spreadsheets, Graphic Design, Mailchimp, Todoist, Opt-In

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