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The Virtual Assistants on this Directory have gone through our Virtual Assistant Academy and have learned valuable skills to help YOUR business grow and succeed. You can see the skills that we have vetted by referring to the chart of badges they have earned.

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Data Entry: Can import/export and manage your information.

Email: can manage your inbox, create follow up emails, and respond for requests for more info.

Facebook: able to post for you, respond to messages, and post content.

Google Drive: can manage your folder, files, and manage your data.

Graphic design: can create graphics for your social media.

Instagram: able to post for you, create Stories, and monitor your account.

MailChimp: can build and edit templates, import/export email lists.

Quickbooks Online/Bookkeeping: this VA has earned their Intuit ProAdvisor certificate for Quickbooks Online and bookkeeping.

Spanish Speaking: ​this VA has shown the ability to communicate effectively in Spanish.

Spreadsheets (Google Sheets/Excel): ​able to manage, edit, sort, filter, write formulas and run reports.

Todoist: ​able to manage projects, recurring tasks, and day-to-day tasks in Todoist

Websites: able to build, edit, and create basic websites.

Photo of Stephanie Dotson

Stephanie Dotson

Cubicle Capers


My name is Stephanie Dotson and I’m a virtual assistant who helps clients by taking on background tasks which are critical to the success and growth of their business but take away from their main roles. 

As a small business owner, I understand that organization and efficiency are key components of a successful business model. I love to find ways to make processes more efficient and streamlined. Research is one of my favorite tools for problem solving. By understanding better how something works, you can almost always find a way to make it work better and more efficiently for your particular situation. 

My primary job has always been the care and keeping of my home and family but I have also been an active volunteer in various leadership roles in churches and larger organizations such as Samaritan’s Purse.

In my baking business, I create custom cookie designs based on each individual client’s wishes then turn them into inedible art. This business has been my passion for over 15 years and plays a key role in my evolving skills in many aspects of business management and customer service.

My roles as a wife, mom, volunteer and business owner have given me a wealth of knowledge in many areas. I have a big personality and care deeply for people. I try to find humor in every situation because I believe it lightens the heaviest situation. I tend to be hyper-focused, I love a tight deadline and I work very well under pressure. I have keen discernment that has proven invaluable when dealing with people and solving problems. I feel the most joy and satisfaction in life when I am helping others.

I’ve been married to Dale for over 30 years. We have four adult children and recently welcomed our first grandchild. Dale’s line of work has required us to relocate several times over the years but we have finally made it back home to North Carolina where we are getting settled on our 37 acre homestead. Maybe I will be adding farm management to my skill set soon. You never know! 

Skills Verified By Never Alone Business Services:
Google Drive, Data Entry, Spreadsheets, Websites, Graphic Design, Todoist

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