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Small Business - Big Dreams

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I’m Jen Hickle. I’ve always had big dreams! I’m naturally driven and a go-getter, but my heart is also pulled towards my home and my family.

I started my business when I was 18 and grew it while having babies, raising them, and homeschooling. I have always worked from home in between teaching language arts, reading aloud, driving to piano lessons, and making dinner.

I learned to hire the RIGHT people to help me leverage my business and have systems to support me.

First, I grew a music school to 7-figures. Then my husband and I started a Marketing Agency. Now I coach business owners and help them find their own success!

I have been a business coach since 2016 and I am a certified Clifton Strengths Coach.

I don’t teach my clients what I just learned; I teach what I’ve mastered.

After years of coaching business owners who are highly creative and have BIG dreams to do big things, I realized how hard it is to hire trustworthy staff so the business can scale and grow. It’s hard to know who to hire, how much to pay, and how to delegate.

I started the VA Academy so I could train amazing people for my clients to hire!

I match up driven business owners who have BIG dreams with the incredible members of our VA Academy. I know they are incredible because I have gotten to know them and I have trained them!

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From Stressed to Success

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“Never Alone is such a great company!  They have been essential to the growth of my studio as well as my confidence as a small business owner.  The monthly calls give me the opportunity to get some tough questions answered in a way that is loving and appreciative of the work that I put in as a small business owner.  With Never Alone beside me, I was able to get systems in place to get my company running smoothly so I can devote time to my family.  I’m able to run a successful business AND be a good mom, wife, and volunteer at my church!  We use Never Alone services for Coaching, Website Building and Facebook Marketing. Never Alone is essential for a small business owner.  Invest in yourself and you will grow and have the freedom to do the things that you love!”
Shawna Morby

From Chaos to Order

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“Jen was able to assess my staff and access the hidden strengths in my staff members through testing and evaluations, and then compliment their strengths while playing down their weaknesses.  It was so helpful to then sort out what tasks my staff was best at, and make ALL of us happy and being the best we can be. Highly recommend Jen and her staff coaching!”
Cecilia Rowe

From a Dream to Reality

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“The Never Alone VA Academy has been such a blessing! They understand the challenges of being a homeschooling mom, wife, and business owner, while giving me practical skills and tools to grow my business.

I have been in the program for a year now, and they have been with me from day one.

From getting my LLC set up to booking clients, I have expanded my skillset and they have been able to match me up with some great clients! Being in a group with like-minded women has also provided great support and friendships from the other VAs. I highly recommend this program!”

Alison Penner 

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