Training Virtual Assistants to support Small Business Owners!

The VA Academy is for Christian homeschool moms who want to have a flexible business so they can work from home, earn an income, and still focus on their family.

In the VA Academy, you’ll receive checklists and step by step instructions to start your business and find clients. Plus, you’ll learn all the skills that a successful VA needs!

The VA Academy is a 6-month program. Most members get clients and start getting paid before the program is over!

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How Does This Work?

The VA Academy is for those who have a background in an administrative or secretarial role. You most likely are drawn to technology and learning new things. You love to help other people. 

  1. Learn VA skills: The first step in the VA Academy is to learn the skills you’ll need to know to assist your clients. You’ll complete challenges to teach you these skills and help you feel confident with Canva, MailChimp, website, Google Workspace, and more!
  2. Choose a focus: Virtual Assistant services can vary from handling details to managing social media or creating websites! It can be overwhelming to know where to focus, but with our strength assessment process, you’ll learn exactly which services will be a good fit for your natural strengths.
  3. Make recurring and stable income: Many VAs charge hourly for their services and burn out before they make a significant income. We teach you how to set up your prices and packages so you can have a steady income that you can count on!
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Small Business - Big Impact

Jen Hickle

I’m Jen Hickle. I’ve always worked from home while raising my kids and homeschooling. Even when we owned a brick and mortar music school, I still worked virtually from home so I could be near my family.

I know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck and to pinch pennies like it’s an Olympic sport. When my kids were little, I couldn’t even afford to shop at Goodwill or garage sales. After years of just limping along, I knew I had to help my family by earning extra income. I was determined to do whatever I could, while still homeschooling! And now I help other moms do the same thing!

You can read more about my story in my book, “Happy Kids, Growing Biz.”

Building websites, copywriting for clients, and providing marketing strategy to my clients has been the best use of my time and talents. And now I teach other moms to have the same success!

I don’t teach my clients what I just learned; I teach what I’ve mastered.

Never Alone

Being a working homeschooling mom has been a lonely experience at times. Moms at the park couldn’t understand why I would choose to homeschool. Fellow homeschool moms didn’t understand how or why I worked!

Our VA Academy provides the training and tools that women need to be a successful VA and it also provides an amazing, encouraging community of other women who are living in a like-minded way!

Our Members are located all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico, but our hearts are the same: to make a difference for our clients and for our families!

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VA Academy

The VA Academy gives you:


Tools that


What our Members are Saying:

"Working with Jen means having an encourager on your side whose creativity is harnessed for YOU! I tried to hustle on my own, but got nowhere. After only a couple weeks with Jen, I had results! Paying results! Any time I feel like I'm stuck, being in one of her group calls is like this magic elixir. She doesn't even have to give me specific advice, but I start having momentum again!"
"It is possible! Don't give up! I NEEDED a job but after 13 years home with my boys the idea of going to work outside the home left a bad taste in my mouth (and sent my anxiety skyrocketing). I had a 4-month window to get my business up and running. I registered for the VA Academy immediately after my initial call with Jen Hickle.  I hit the ground running and conquered challenge after challenge. In just 2 months, I got 2 clients in the niche I chose! (They both said my social media posts were what drew them to me!) Dreams and prayers do come to fruition. Keep pushing forward step by step. Let this amazing group and our fearless leader support you as you make your dreams of being able to work from home and still be a full-time presence to your family a true reality!"
"The VA Academy has very thorough videos with the information explained clearly.  Jen is great on the coaching calls and very knowledgeable and encouraging.  Her VA Rachel is always helpful, prompt and so approachable for questions and concerns.  This has been a big step outside of my comfort zone into an area of dealing with fears and lies. It’s exciting to be learning and accomplishing something so great all the while still being the wife and mom I want to be, not having to brush any of my priorities aside."

Not everyone can be a Virtual Assistant… you have to have the right personality! 

You should love technology, be organized, love to learn, and be a little creative!

Could YOU be a successful VA? Take the quiz and find out! You’ll also get more information about our program so you can decide if this is right for you!