What is your life's purpose?

  • Do you have goals you’ve been working toward, but you can’t seem to reach them?

  • Do you feel a pull towards something new or different…but you aren’t sure what it is?

  • Are you juggling motherhood, a family, a home, but still feel called to business or a bigger dream?
When everything is spinning and confusing, it can be hard to detangle your thoughts or make sense of anything.

We are all too close to our own lives to see clearly.

One-on-one private coaching gives you dedicated time and space to see your strengths clearly, evaluate your past successes, and set future goals.

How does this work?


Every session is tailored to your unique situation, while using proven curriculum to lead the way.

Tools for

You'll get assignments to work on between sessions, to increase your growth and development.

The Missing

Together we will uncover what is missing in your life and the next steps you should take to reach your full potential.

What is the result of working with a coach?

Small Business - Big Dreams

I’m Jen Hickle. I’ve always had big dreams. But it’s been a struggle to reach them.

I’m naturally driven and a go-getter, but my heart is also pulled toward home and family.

Throughout the last 2 decades of having babies, raising them, and homeschooling, I managed to also grow my music school business to 7-figures, sell it, and start two more successful businesses with my husband.

The problem has been trying to balance what my family needs and what my heart wants.

I’ve spent hours in prayer, trying to make sure my priorities are aligned with God’s. 

Ultimately, hiring coaches along the way is what has helped me the most, so I can see clearly where God is leading me.

That’s why I have pursued becoming a coach for others. I have multiple certifications and years of coaching hundreds of individuals under my belt.

I believe in private coaching because it works.

How to get started:

1. Schedule a free consultation. Together, we will identify if we are a good match to work together. (And if we aren’t, I can refer you to one of the many coaches in my network.)

2. Spend 6 months diving into who you are, what your goals are, and how to reach them.

3. Get freedom from what holds you back and step into who God made you. (Packages start at $250 per month.)

From Stressed to Success

Mike was running his music school all on his own and was feeling overwhelmed. He had big dreams, but felt like he was spinning in circles. Together, we mapped out a strategy for him to hire a team to support him. This resulted in more time, more expansion, and the completion of a new building for his music school!

Mike knew what his big dreams were, but he didn’t have the knowledge, tools, or strategy to get him there. After hiring the right team, he has been able to turn his BIG dreams into reality. 

From Chaos to Order

Daisy knew she wanted to grow her business. By working together, we set up the right systems, hired an amazing team, and she was able to move her business into her own building. 

She says, “I know without a doubt that God led me to Chris and Jen. ANY money I have paid to them in the past few years has ALWAYS had a hundred, two hundred, three hundredfold return!”  

We helped Daisy:

  • Organize her systems (calendars, checklists, operations manuals, and communication)
  • Hire all of her staff (including a Virtual Assistant that we trained for her!)
  • Understand how to work ON her business and not just in it.

Identify your strengths: Maximizer Strategic Activator Achiever Developer Relator Ideation Positivity Competition Communication

Free Guide: How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Download our Virtual Assistant Directory for a list of the VAs that we have trained in our VA Academy.

Search for the skills you need OR request a personal match by scheduling a free consultation. 

Also receive free training on how to hire, how much to pay, and how to delegate!