Earn an income from home as a Virtual Assistant!

(Even if you homeschool)

Have you tried other work-from-home ventures but they didn’t work out like you hoped?

Do you need flexibility to work when you can, around your family and even homeschooling?

Do you want to be at home for your kids and still earn an income?

In the VA Academy, you’ll learn VA skills that you need to be a successful. You’ll get the road map to show you exactly how to launch your business and how to get clients!

You’ll learn how to set your rates, sell packages, and how to choose the clients that you will LOVE to work with.

The VA Academy teaches you how to own a successful, profitable business on your own terms!

Do you have what it takes to be a VA?

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How Does This Work?

  1. Learn VA skills: The first step in the VA Academy is to learn the skills you’ll need to know to assist your clients. You’ll complete challenges to teach you these skills and help you feel confident with Canva, MailChimp, Squarespace, WordPress, Google Workspace, and more!
  2. Choose a focus: Virtual Assistant services can vary from handling details to managing social media or creating websites! It can be overwhelming to know what to learn and what to choose as a specialty, but with our strength assessment process, you’ll learn exactly which services will be a good fit for your personality and natural strengths.
  3. Make recurring and stable income: Many VAs charge hourly for their services and burn out before they make a significant income. We teach you how to set up your prices and packages so you can have a steady income that you can count on!
  4. Own your business. Own your life! Have time for the things that really matter: faith, family, freedom, and time for the ones who need you!

The VA Academy is designed for your busy life and allows you to learn at your own pace, while also getting the full support of a coach and community.


Small Business - Big Impact

Jen Hickle

I’m Jen Hickle. I’ve always worked from home while raising my kids and homeschooling. Even when we owned a brick and mortar music school, I still worked virtually from home so I could be near my family.

I know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck and to pinch pennies. When my kids were little, I couldn’t even afford to shop at garage sales!

After years of just limping along, I knew I had to help my family by earning extra income. I was determined to do whatever I could, while still homeschooling! And now I help other moms do the same thing.

You can read more about my story in my book, Happy Kids, Growing Biz.”

Building websites, copywriting for clients, managing social media, and providing marketing strategy to my clients has been the best use of my time and talents.
And now I teach other moms how to have the same success!

We have members all over North America and in Europe

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Our VA Academy provides the training and tools that women need to be successful. We also provide an amazing, encouraging community of other women who are living in a like-minded way.

Our members are located all over North America, but our hearts are the same: to make a difference for our clients and to be present for our families!

We also have some homeschooled teens who join our program. Read more about the teen track.

We help busy business owners by matching them with VAs who are trained in the techy, detailed, marketing tasks that are needed to scale and grow their business!

The VA Academy Gives You:

Help along the journey

Certification to prove your skills

Marketing plan for Growth

What our Members are Saying:

"It is possible! I NEEDED a job but after 13 years home with my boys the idea of going to work outside the home left a bad taste in my mouth (and sent my anxiety skyrocketing). I hit the ground running and conquered challenge after challenge. In just 2 months, I got 2 clients in the niche I chose!"
"The VA Academy has very thorough videos with the information explained clearly. This has been a big step outside of my comfort zone.
It’s exciting to be learning and accomplishing something so great all while still being the wife and mom I want to be, not having to brush any of my priorities aside."
"I’ve learned so much! If you are determined to make this your career, Never Alone Coaching is great about helping you from the very beginning and for as long as you want. The learning and encouragement have been essential to starting out on this new venture. So many skills and areas that I never knew how to do are now beginning to feel obtainable."
"Never Alone Coaching is personalized coaching where my success is also theirs, and their success is mine! They have the experience, knowledge and strong desire to help others make their dreams a reality!"
"Everyone is very friendly and encouraging. It is nice to feel like you are part of a team, yet are doing your own thing while you learn from and encourage others. Thanks so much for running this business! It is exactly what my family needs!”
“The support is over the moon. Everything is always so positive and encouraging. I love the private FB group; I have learned so much from just reading what others are doing and it's so wonderful having a place to share ideas and ask for advice. It's a safe place because I know everyone will give honest, yet kind feedback! Having the one on one coaching calls and also the group Zoom calls are so helpful."

Who Will Succeed as a VA?

You should love technology, be organized, love to learn, and be a little creative!
Could YOU be a successful VA? Take the quiz and find out! You’ll also get more information about our program so you can decide if this is right for you!