Business coaching for Dreamers Achievers Freedom seekers

You have so many dreams. So many big goals.

But now it's time to scale.

Drive and determination has gotten you this far. 

You’re smart. 

And capable!

And you have big dreams.

But now you’re drowning.

  • You have goals you’ve been working toward, but you can’t seem to reach them because of everything you are juggling.

  • You feel like you’re spinning your wheels because you just can’t get get everything done.

  • You’re working so much and can’t imagine stepping away for a vacation. 

  • You’re busy– but you’re not sure your day to day tasks are actually moving you forward to the big vision you have in front of you.

  • You are contemplating big decisions but you know you need more help before you move forward.

Small Business - Big Dreams

I’m Jen Hickle, goal success coach.

I’ve always had big dreams. I started my first business when I was 18 and that business allowed me to graduate from college with no debt. I was 22 when I started hiring a team to help me. I was homeschooling 4 kids and grew that company to 7-figures, with the help of an amazing team. Then I sold my music school so I could focus on coaching full time!

I have discovered the key to hiring: You have to know YOUR strengths and weaknesses. You can’t hire someone to duplicate you– they have to complement you!  I help you identify this through a Strength Assessment. Then we set up systems for communication and delegation. Then I match you to the right Virtual Assistant  to support you!

The results speak for themselves. My clients are making their big dreams a reality! AND they are able to prioritize their marriage and their family. 

All small business owners create a job for themselves. But smart business owners delegate so they can create a LIFE for themselves.

Why work with a Goal Success Coach?

The benefits of working with Never Alone Coaching


Coaching that is tailored to your personality and your specific business.


Get recommendations for what will work for your specific situation.


You'll get matched with a VA that fits your goals and what you need.

From Stressed to Success

Mike was running his music school all on his own and was feeling overwhelmed. He had big dreams, but felt like he was spinning in circles. Together, we mapped out a strategy so he could enroll more students, hire a team to support him, and build a new building for his music school.

Mike knew where he wanted to go, but he didn’t have the knowledge, tools, or strategy to get him there. With personalized coaching, he turned BIG dreams into reality. He purchased his own building and is growing at a record rate! He hired a team that he trusts, so he has more time for family and travel. {Listen to his story below.}

From Chaos to Order

Tracy was doing everything for her tutoring business manually.
​She didn’t have any systems set up and her marketing wasn’t very effective. She was busy, but not making the money she knew was possible.

Together, we set up enrollment systems and marketing automations that run smoothly, so she has more time to work with students and do the work that she loves! Her schedule is fully booked, even in the summer and even during the pandemic!

Tracy says, “I love that the Never Alone Inner Circle has the tools AND the heart that I need. Being a business owner is lonely! And everything is new. There’s so much to learn. Never Alone has helped me break down exactly what I need to do next and the result has been more leads in a month than I used to get in a year! The tools and techniques are phenomenal.

“I love how Jen listens to what I need and then comes up with a plan. And I love being a part of a group of entrepreneurs who are all looking to grow their business. Whenever I have a question, Jen is there. I highly recommend this program!” {Listen to her story!}

Business coaching for Teachers Tutors Virtual Assistants Music Schools Coaches

How this works:

1. First, schedule a free consultation. Together will look at where you are in your business and where you want to be.

2. Get a customized plan to help you set up systems and hire the right team.

3. Receive step by step guidance on the exact tools you need to delegate, systematize, and get your time back.

Hire a Virtual Assistant that you can trust

How do you hand over parts of your business to someone who works virtually? How do you know if they are qualified?

In our VA Academy, we train Christian Virtual Assistants to help driven business owners with their systems, marketing, and details. Before we list them on our directory, we validate their skills to ensure that they are trustworthy.

Request access to our VA Directory and receive a free guide on how to hire and how to delegate!